2 Seat Swing, Flat/Cradle

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Swings forever, For your children and for theirs.

• Will outlive any other product on the market.

• All steelwork hot-dipped galvanized finish.(Optional Polyester Power Oven Cured)

• 25 year warranty

• All stainless steel chains. (no rust)

• All stainless steel mountings. (no shackles)

• All for domestic use, creches, schools, special needs.

• All swings are designed to meet EN-116 standard.

• All assembly bolts used throughout are stainless steel.

• Easy to assemble.

• Swings preferably bolted to concrete base with our instructions.

• An All-weather product unlike timber structured swings.

• All Steel structure. (not wood)

• Cradle seat is designed for younger children who need support & supervision while swinging.

• This product is designed specifically for young children and those with special needs.

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